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Defining Aviation Accident Law and Finding the Right Lawyer

Aviation accident law covers all accidents that involve aircraft, whether commercial or privately owned, including hang gliders and helicopters, or in particular situations, even drones. Accidents and injuries can take place in a variety of scenarios, from takeoff and landing accidents to collisions and more.

Aircraft-related injuries and accidents are often litigated under general legal principles like product liability, personal injury, negligence and the rest. But some accidents may fall under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules. In addition, plane crash inquiries are conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Aviation accident lawsuits generally add problems in terms of jurisdiction, or determining the court with the proper authority over a case. In case of cross-country flight injuries, knowing where exactly the injury happened can be tough. This is just one reason aircraft accident victims usually need a seasoned attorney to stand by their side.

Important Terms

Aviation – anything that relates to any vehicle that operates in the air

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – A federal agency that handles aviation safety and airline industry regulation

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) – An independent federal agency that performs investigations into all aviation accidents and other severe land and sea transportation accidents

Common Carrier – Any entity that is publicly available for human, good or message transportation

Wrongful Death – A death due to another person’s negligence, or deliberate commission or commission of an act

Considerations When Choosing an Aviation Accident Lawyer

Since aviation accidents generally involve more than one jurisdiction, a suit can be best filed in a state other than where you are based. Thus, you must look for an attorney who is licensed in other states or has substantial experience with the federal court system. If you choose an attorney who lives or works close to the court in which your case will be litigated, you can minimize your costs too, with the attorney not having to travel very far.

If you’re planning to file a suit in connection to any injury, it is crucial to document all of your injuries and treatments, your expenses, and income you lost. If you provide clear documentation, your lawyer can properly assess your case; otherwise, you may not receive the compensation you deserve.

If you have experienced injuries or trauma because of the plane accident, talk to an aviation accident attorney as soon as possible to maintain your rights and check your legal options. However, don’t just choose the first lawyer you meet. It pays to consider at least two or three different attorneys, make comparisons, and then choose who is indeed the best for you.

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