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Interesting Things You Can Do While in Vatican City

Vatican city can be visited by both Catholics and non-Catholics. This is because the Vatican city offers many pleasures for all types of tourists. It is important that note that Vatican city has very many hidden gems that will be unearthed in this article.

Make sure to do the following interesting activities while in the Vatican city. Visiting the Sistine chapel should top your list. This is because it is the largest tourist attraction site where competition to enter is fierce. Visiting the chapel is similar to a trip to see the greatest hits of Michealangelo. An important fact you must be aware of is that the photography contract between the Nippon Television Network Corporation and the Vatican City has now ended. This means you can sneak your camera while visiting the Sistine chapel.

You must visit the Vatican Necropolis if you are in Vatican city. The Necropolis was started in the first century as a cemetery for Christians who were killed at the Circus of Nero. St. Peter is believed to have been buried here.There is so much history to learn while visiting the Necropolis. A trip to Castel Sant’Angelo must be on your to do list. One amazing thing to note about the Castel Sant’Angelo is that it has no religious function.

The towering cylinder was commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadriah to serve as a cemetery for his body and those of his family. With vintage prints and reconstructions in it, Castel Sant’Angelo is today being used as a museum to show its history. One thing you can do in this tower is to view the entire Vatican city and Rome. Saint Peter’s Basilica is another place you can visit when you are in vacation in the Vatican city. In case you are going to propose to your partner, Saint Peter’s Basilica must be the place where it all happens. It is beautiful in the inside and outside and houses the Pieta.

The Sunday Angelus, which is hosted by the pope, is another amazing idea and learn more. Pope Francis greets the audience in many languages and finishes the speech with reciting a blessing. The Vatican museums is another place to go. While there, you will enjoy seeing Candelabra’s gallery, tapestries, and galleries of maps.

Saint Peter’s Square is another amazing place worth visiting. The Egyptian obelisk and two fountains makes the site very attractive and more info. If you are vacating Vatican city, do not fail to go the Vatican Gardens. You will enjoy the natural beauty and fortifications and discover more.The Swiss Guard is another site not to miss. It is one of the few tourist attraction sites in Vatican city that is free. Make sure to consider all these ideas in your vacation to the Vatican city.