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How to Start a Story

Writing a book is one of the greatest skills of all times considering are coming with a solid book is a process that calls for determination, sacrifice, and investment. For example, if you are an author, you must understand that writing and selling the book requires you to be very great in content writing and imagination and that means that you have to be a person as fully invested in the craft of writing. Selling a book is selling your imaginations and that is why you need to broaden your mind and that means that you read a lot for you to write content that people are likely to interact with because they are inspired and therefore investing in skill. One of the most critical parts of your book that is likely to determine if the book will sell or not is the introduction story that you write. The reason why the introduction makes a lot of sense to invest in is that most people will always rush there when they want to read a book because if the introduction inspires them, you continue on reading and if not, they will stop. Therefore, your beginning story should always be a very important point of focus as you write a novel, an article or a book. Given in this article are some tips to help you start a story.

The most important fact to understand about starting a story is that different styles can apply. Every author will adopt a different technique that suits the story in their book and that is very important to understand to stop rushing into content that will not benefit your book. The first question you have to answer when you’re beginning the story is who is your central focus also called identifying a protagonist that is a conflicting character of the book. Basically, what this means is that you have to find your storyline or the character whose fate features in the rest of the book. In most of the cases, the character has to be a good or a hero, but also it can be an evil character that you are displaying throughout the book. The reader should be able to sympathize or care a lot about the character you choose and that is why it is very important to be creative when choosing your character. Therefore, statue story with crucial memories that will motivate the reader to read the next page. Try and be one of the best writers who can create a dilemma for powerful emotions for the reader to read the book to the last page.

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